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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Product Biases and How to Overcome Them - Manuel Breschi, Typeform

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Manuel Breschi, director of product @ Typeform, joins Aram Melkoumov to discuss the common biases in product management, how to address them effectively and make better decisions. He also talks about how to make better product decisions, why building product from scratch is not always a good option and what to do with product’s historical data.

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About Manuel Breschi
Manuel Breschi is the director of product at Typeform. Typeform is a no-code SaaS platform with tools that help companies grow their businesses by engaging with their audience. He studied at the University of Illinois, where he did his MBA, and has expertise in product engineering, business management, and marketing.

00:11 | Episode intro and a quick bio of Manuel Breschi
01:32 | Manuel's journey consulting, entrepreneurship, and then product management
04:30 | Given an opportunity, where would he invest between Europe and the USA
06:43 | How to counter common decision-making biases in product management
09:00 | A data-driven bias and how it has affected his product decision-making process
13:46 | How to effectively leverage a product’s historical data to make better decisions
15:43 | Other common product biases that can impact a good decision-making process
18:47 | How can a product team successfully approach decision thinking
20:50 | An exercise he has done to check his PM’s assumption process
21:59 | The worst product that Manuel has ever worked with, and why
27:20 | Rapid Fire Round
31:25 | Guest’s takeaway and end of the show

“If you think that you can measure the future performance of a product based on the past history, you will be disappointed.”  [11:34]
“It’s better to be data-aware than data-driven because if you derive decisions based on data, that is not enough.” [11:46]
“Before creating any product, you should always think of the substitute competitors out there. You don't go to the market to compete with somebody but with substitutes.” [23:48]

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