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Monday, July 25, 2022

How Web3 Product Management is Different - Filippo Di Trapani,

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People working on web 3 are building the products of tomorrow. More ways to make money, truly owning your own data, and having immersive experiences are only some of the exciting opportunities ahead. But, what’s the same and what’s different about project management in web3?

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About Filippo Di Trapani
Filippo Di Trapani is a Director of Product Design at a Web 3 company called Previously, he was a design lead at Automattic and Partner Operations Manager at Shopify. Creative work makes his heart happy. He wishes others would push him the way he pushes himself.

Filippo and Aram have a conversation about web 3 and product management. Filippo compares his experience working with web 2 companies like Shopify and his experience working with web 3 companies like In their conversation, they also discuss how to make remote work seamless and effective, how to avoid ambiguity when working remotely, the difference between SaaS products and web 3 products, what it would take for web 3 to become mainstream, and what the internet will look like when it is.

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Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela:
Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? By Seth Godin:

00:10 | Who is Filippo Di Trapani and what is
01:02 | Jumping into Web 3.0 wearables at an early stage
02:55 | The difference between web 1, web 2, and web 3.
05:44 | How is creating a web 3 product different?
08:01 | The difference between web 3 products and SaaS products.
10:34 | How can web 3 technologies become more mainstream?
13:26 | The biggest lessons Filippo learned at Shopify
17:02 | Filippo’s experience working at a remote companies 
19:01 | The secret formula to effective remote work
22:04 | Remote work epic fails
24:12 | The pitfall of sharing your product too late (it’s never too early)
27:10 | Money can’t buy thorough processes
28:12 | The disadvantages of having people agree with you
29:40 | Fireside questions: distracting features, creative work, objectivity, and creating space for experimentation and play

[26:10] “In the web 3 world, what we’ve embraced on our end is getting stuff out a lot earlier and maybe in states that we’re not 100% comfortable with. But, it’s always paid off to get something out to an audience and get their input versus keeping it inside and just building that extra feature or adding that polish. At the end of the day that stuff matters but at the same time I think it matters more to get things out in front of people.”

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