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Thursday, November 10, 2022

From Designer to Product Manager - Burak Kantarci, Thundra

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Product managers in many ways hold the whole business together. They are tasked with understanding what the customer wants and needs, then turning that into an actual product. In this conversation Burak Kantarci shares how he manages product at Thundra and his takeaways after moving from a designer role into product.

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About Burak
Burak Kantarci is a Product Manager at Thundra where his main goals are to simplify developers’ daily life and make their workflows more errorless and enjoyable. He lives in Turkey and has a degree in Computer Science.

0:00 | Introduction to Burak Kantarci
1:17 | Original product at Thundra and the different pivots it has undergone
6:24 | Metrics to track as a product leader before pivoting
9:31 | How to prioritize products
15:52| Burak’s biggest takeaways going from a product designer to a product manager
18:04| Current working framework on his role
22:51 | How to keep product vision in alignment with other stakeholders
25:50 | Key product lessons/ principles Burak keeps coming back to when stuck
30:18 | Parting wisdom and golden takeaways
32:24 | Wrap-up

“Getting your hands dirty is the only way to understand the problem and the solution of a product.” [17:40]

“Repetition creates clarity and alignment of a company’s product purpose. Product managers should derive a way of constantly communicating the purpose to the stakeholders. This can be through frequent memos.” [24:30]

“Know your superpowers as a product manager, and be aware of the company culture and leadership. It helps you do actionable things” [30:45]

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