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Monday, June 6, 2022

Create a Product They Can’t Replicate with Product Discovery - Aram Melkoumov & Sergey Ross

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Product discovery is under-appreciated. The fact is, it can make or break the success of your product. This episode answers the most pressing questions startups and enterprises have about product discovery. Aram and Sergey explore what product discovery is, why you need it, how long the product discovery process takes, and what you should do before thinking of outsourcing your product discovery.

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About Aram
Aram Melkoumov is the CEO of Crowdlinker. Crowdlinker is an end-to-end digital product studio based in Toronto and Barcelona. Crowdlinker turns 10 in the fall of 2022. He works with startups like Freshbooks and enterprises like Unilever.

00:17 | What is product discovery?
01:25 | Who is normally involved in the product discovery process?
03:21 | How long does the product discovery process take?
06:57 | How to have a more effective discovery process
09:39 | Top 3 questions clients ask about product discovery
12:01 | What your competitors CANNOT replicate
15:10 | When you shouldn’t work with a product studio for product discovery
17:45 | When you should work with a product studio for product discovery
19:29 | Fluency in technology
20:36 | Aram’s big audacious goal
21:24 | Are you building the right thing?
21:57 | The right time to spend money on your product

“Discoveries can take various shapes and forms. On average, they take about four to six weeks. In situations when they could take less time, like 2-3 weeks, is dependent on the level of preparation that the client has put to date around that idea.” [03:39]
“80-90% of the time, every product idea that you already have has already been done. And so, why try to go and reinvent the wheel as well when you could go and study the competitors. You could look at the market, you could do a tear down of like user flows or existing competitor solutions to see how they did it.” [07:43]
“The more, kind of like, engagement you have with your users at the very beginning all the way through to launch and then post-launch via these communities is something that a competitor cannot go and replicate. That becomes, in many ways, your IP.” [13:01]

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What is Product Innovation Series with Aram Melkoumov?

Product Innovation Series is an in-depth interview series featuring product & innovation leaders from small startups all the way to Fortune 500 behemoths. Our guests share their battle-tested perspective on what prevents teams from shipping a great product. The show is hosted by Aram Melkoumov, the CEO of Crowdlinker.

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