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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Can You Be A Product Manager Without Learning To Code? - Mor AviHanan, ZoomInfo

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Mor and Sergey discuss how to run a product team and coordinate with bright developers without having technical skills. Mor shares his experience running 7 SCRUM teams and describes the execution process as a ‘cold war’ of sorts. They explore the similarities between professional sports and product management, why you should ask ‘why not’ more often, and how to reframe conflicting priorities as collective priorities.

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You can be a product manager and have 0 technical skills. Sound controversial to you? Today’s product director has never written a single line of code - he has played professional soccer though. Find out how not having technical skills makes him a sharper PM.

About Mor AviHanan
Mor AviHanan is the Director of Product Management at ZoomInfo. He doesn’t consider himself a technical guy, in fact, he never wrote a line of code in his life. To him, coding is just another language, and communication is not restricted to it or by it. In another life, Mor played soccer for the Israeli national team. He has to leave soccer behind due to an injury.

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00:05 | Who is Mor AviHanan?
01:03 | Do you need to have technical skills as a product manager?
05:28 | Talking to developers when you aren’t a technical PM
08:20 | Being an athlete vs. being a product manager
12:17 | The secret to running 7 SCRUM teams
16:43 | Running a team of genius minds
19:42 | Book recommendations from sports and tech
21:30 | Saying ‘why not?’ instead of ‘no’ 
22:22 | Visualizing your ideas and innovations
23:17 | Turning sport into a product

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