image of Koii - The blockchain project built for media - Al Morris, Koii Network
Thursday, September 8, 2022

Koii - The blockchain project built for media - Al Morris, Koii Network

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Koii is a new method to design communications infrastructure and build an internet owned by everyone. In this episode, our co-host Sergey Ross and Koii Network co-founder Al Morris speak about Al’s journey going from teaching career to being a founder of Koii, different hiring challenges, and what privacy looks like ten years in the future.

Show notes

About Al Morris
Al is a chief architect and co-founder of Koii network. Koii was born in 2020 to widen the possibilities for the future of Web3. Al loves teaching, which made him start Blockchain Institute Chicago. The main goal of the institute is to help educate the public about the use of blockchain technology.

0:00 | Introduction to Al Morris
0:22 | Why Koii?
2:42 | What sets Koii apart from other networks
4:43 | Crypto -a giant scam?
6:33 | Intricacies of remote work
11:12 | Strategy to track productivity
14:58 | Recurring meetings are time wasters
19:18 | Zoom Fatigue a Real Thing
21:34 | Satisfaction of making your own food
23:00 | Privacy - 10 years later

“The reason that we set out to build this one, in particular, is to fix like a really big problem in the world, which is this, this issue of the internet being owned by such a select few.” (20.20)
“You could basically wipe an entire section of civilization off the map and within a decade, no one would even remember that it happened. I think there’s probably instances that is happening in a lot of places right now around the world where we don’t really have those kinds of protections in place.” (26.47)

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